It will be three step process. (1 .Shredding) (2 .Mixing) (3 .Composting)

  • Shredder will be responsible to shred waste in to small pieces.
  • Shredded waste will be added in to main machine.
  • Composting machine will mix through mixing blade for 20 minutes.
  • Show dust and micro-organisms needs to added during mixing process.
  • Raw material of waste should be collected by plastic caret.
  • Internal shaft turns and sends out the compost, when the compost door is opened
  • Collected material in plastic caret should be place for 7 to 10 days.
  • Equipment Require:-

    1. External Shredder
    2. Composting Machine
    3. Racking system with carets

    Silent Features

    1. Organic Waste converter is based on composting basics to convert waste in to compost.
    2. It consume very less electricity to process waste material
    3. Working hours of machine is very limited.
    4. Batch system can be helpful to increase handling capacity of machine.
    5. No need to invest daily for additional micro-organisms
    6. Organic fertilizer produce with good amount of nutrition value inside
    7. Only 30 -35 % volume reduction within 10 days of curing period.

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