We as an organization believe to provide customized and appropriate solutions to our customers. As per our experience different customers are looking for different solution and benefits from this equipment.

This technology and solution based on heating mechanism for volume reduction and de-composting though “thermophilic” enzymes.

  • Fully Automatic operation for Nil labour & process handling
  • Maximum volume reduction
  • Very less compost generation due to lacking of garden and horticulture area to use.
  • Very good aesthetics
  • Solution for all type waste specially non-veg


Up to 80% Volume reduction within 24 Hrs.

  • In – built shredder can be handle all type of waste including of bones.
  • Low Floor space/ Compact
  • Remove output once in every 2-3 days
  • Low Noise
  • Easy to handle and operate

Salient Features

  • Developed on the principal of providing complete composting system in a single machine.
  • Both the shredding & composting take place in a machine employing thermophilic micro-organisms to convert the shredder organic waste in to compost.
  • The temperature required to avoid unwanted moisture is achieved through heating mechanism installed inside the machine.
  • The input is first fed to a in built shredder which reduce the waste material size to maximize surface area available for uniform heating & contact with micro-organisms to achieve quick composting.
  • Aerobic composting being exothermic reaction generated heat which further helps in removing the moisture by evaporation and renders dry, ready to use compost in a few days.
  • All the material contact parts are in SS-304 to ensure maximum life of machine.
  • Easy to operate & maintain as there is no manpower required for shifting of raw compost to curing system.