Segregate the waste

Feed the OWC with organic waste, bio culture and absorbent. The role of absorbent is to maintain moisture level of material. Mixing process will generate aerobic digestion and prepare pre compost material.

After 15 to 20 minutes of cycle remove raw material from OWC

Place the raw material in to curing system for maturing process and further bio degradation process

After 10 days of curing system mature compost is ready to use

Salient Features

  • Organic Waste converter is based on composting basics to convert waste in to compost.
  • It consume very less electricity to process waste material
  • Working hours of machine is very limited.
  • Batch system can be helpful to increase handling capacity of machine.
  • No need to invest daily for additional micro-organisms
  • Organic fertilizer produce with good amount of nutrition value inside
  • Only 50 % volume reduction within 15 days of curing period.